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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Alice in Wonderland.

I feel i have been awaiting the arrival of this film for my entire existence, excitement does not even cut this feeling. Alice in Wonderland is one of the first memories I have as a child, weather it was the book or one the many movie or TV adaptations created many years before my birth. Having asked my parents why, it wasn't even something that was even pushed upon me, it was true love. A childhood obsession with alternate realities, lotions, potions, rabbits and crazy queens. A lot of that previous sentence I can quite easily relate to my everyday life 22 years later. How worrying.

With Tim Burton's Direction and appearances from actors such as Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Steven Fry and Anne Hathaway, I feel disappointment is not on the cards for this one. I await the 5th of March Release date with great anticipation.

So, having been excited about this for a approximately ...forever, imagine what happened when I found this:

Urban Decay Book of Shadows, Alice in Wonderland Edition.
Due for release on March 1st 2010

Kids, I nearly died when i found this. I think I did die, for a teeny tiny second.

Lets start with the packaging, cute as a button pop up book style top, featuring a tiny Alice walking through giant fantasy forest, with a mirror nestled in the middle.

A pull out draw encloses 16 shadows, each named aptly to fit in with the film.
All are re-brands of older colours, but with names like Jabberwocky (originally Oil Slick) and Drink me, Eat me (originally Sin) who can possibly say no?!? Not me!

You also receive two mini 24/7 liners and a mini Primer Potion!!

I believe this is going to retail at £28, that is a BARGAIN!

So come 9am March 1st expect me to be flying around Liverpool city centre like a lunatic purchasing one of there bad boy's. Or two, Possibly.

Love Love LOVE!!

Hannah x


  1. Hey. Great blog! I am SO looking forward to the Alice in Wonderland movie... It was my favorite story as a child - i love tim burton and johnny depp. AND!!! I just heard that they are going to start carrying urban decay in my town in Canada!!! Woohooo!
    Im following you now :D